Wednesday, May 5, 2010


“We are in bondage because we have lived to please the person. Follow the soul and freedom should come quickly. Then we shall please the person better than ever before. To follow the soul is to enter the greater domains of life, these domains from which we may secure everything that is rich and beautiful and superior in human existence” Christian D. Larsen, The Pathway of Roses, p. 15.

To answer the call of one’s soul is a crucial turning point in one’s life. Sometime the soul’s calling is so loud that life as we have come to know, accept and understand no longer works for us. It feels as if we are crushing ourselves to fit into a space that we find we no longer fit. Much like a small chick must feel when inside of the egg when the egg is to small for it to stay in. At that time, the chick begins to peck his way out in order to live and not suffocate in a space that no longer is large enough to contain it.

When our soul calls, there is something inside calling for our attention. A deep inner knowing that we must become more. It is a calling to expand our life more than our own personal concept of expansion. It is a time for self evaluation and a time for a new experience with yourself. During this time you will weed out the things and persons that no longer serve your highest and best good. You will surrender to your highest good and to your authentic self. You will be willing to give up the things in and about yourself that no longer serve your highest good. You will surrender and no longer practice duality and become one with the One Life that is God. A sacred blending into one Source which is God takes place.

What do I mean by no practicing duality? You will no longer claim, I want to be happy and conduct yourself in a way which creates unhappiness. You will no longer say, I want to be prosperous and then conduct yourself in a manner which displays belief in lack. There will be a union inside of you that will cause a shift which will display on the physical realm as your words and your action will match. You will be walking your talk. You will be happiness, you will be abundance and prosperity and everything and everyone in your life that is not a reflection of those qualities will fall out of your life because you will no longer have the need to attract those things or people that are not in alignment with your beliefs and desires. You have become whole and complete and are no longer fighting within yourself. A peaceful quiet surrender has taken place and you have said Yes to happiness, yes to prosperity and abundance. Yes to joy, peace, harmony and yes to greater awareness. You have said good-bye to the small self and said hello to your higher self. These are the things that take place when wholeness sets in and you become one with the Great Reality called God. You have begun the process of answering the calling of your soul.

I stopped fighting that calling of my soul and made a decision to stand ready to step into my calling. I heard a voice within say believe more deeply. See yourself through my eyes and see who you really are. The creative power of God began propelling me forward into realms of accomplishment far beyond what I have thought possible until that moment.

Today I claim my rightful place on the journey of my life. I am a spiritual teacher, and healer. I am blessed with the ability to connect with people and a gift for understanding the spiritual realm. My soul’s calling was to help individuals connect to their true essence. I had to learn to offer possibilities & support to others worldwide. Where there may have been confusion, I offered myself as a sounding board to understanding. Where there may have been pain or sadness I learned to offer comfort and kindness to others. I became grounded in truth. I began to lead by example.

When I look back, I say to myself, I could have continued to ignore the inner voice calling my soul to its destiny and remained a paralegal in my office at my desk. But now I know why I’m alive. I’m thankful that day I prayed to God, please enlarge my territory for the space I was existing in was too small. I’m thankful I stepped out on unchartered territory and said yes. I am ready to be more. Therein lies my freedom, my greater yet to be. In joyous celebration and quiet pleasure I give thanks for the quality of life and welcome the newness of my path.

“The soul leads, not only into the life more abundant, but also into the actual possession of all spiritual riches that the greater life may contain. And when we find the kingdom within, all that we may desire in the without shall be added. The soul lives most perfectly in the present, creates most nobly for the future. Be yourself today regardless of what happened yesterday. Be all that you can be today, and you live in a fairer world tomorrow.” Christian D. Larson, The Pathway of Roses, p. 15.

Will you answer your soul’s call? I pray that answer will be yes.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nigerian Terrorist

23yr old Nigerian Abdulmutallab, a boy who tried to bomb a Northwest aircraft on Christmas Day. What has happened to our world? Why is this happening? Have you asked yourself these questions? Life as we use to know it and understand it exists no longer. We are in a state of constant confusion and delusion. But underneath the surface there lie millions of people who are visioning for world peace, for love of all people. These people are in constant prayer and vision for a brighter picture, a world filled with love and peace. People of a higher consciousness. What would make a young boy from a privileged background turn to terrorist antics? I don't have that answer. But I reach out and ask that we as a people close our eyes for one minute and vision a world of peace and respect for all cultures, races and humanity as One Whole. We are all connected by One Source regardless of what name we may choose to call our higher power. Whether it be God, Buddha, Krishna; Allah, it is a power of Good. Not a power of terror, hate and judgment. So today, We can make a choice to follow a Path To Peace. Let us turn our thoughts inward, focus our attention on the place of serenity that exists at the center of all of our beings. This is an unfailing connection to the One who is Creator of all. Let us allow ourselves to expand our awareness and know that in the One there is infinite peace, infinite love, and infinite joy. We are one with the One.

I speak my word now for clarity, knowing peace is ever present and the path to peace is made clearly evident for all of us. We now step into an awareness and allow ourselves to be led effortlessly into Divine Serenity. The poise and serenity that is Spirit floods into our every action that we choose to take. Let us with tenderness, courage and hope express these attributes in every action that we take and transform our world. Let us know that We are Love, We are Joy, We are Peace.

With Profound Gratitude, I bless this day. I release my word to the Law, knowing it is already so. Let Us Allow Divine Peace to be who and what we are...Knowing it is so...For Abdulmutallab now it is too late, but for us, We have a Choice to join together in silent unity and say...WE ARE ONE, Let there be Peace On Earth, and Let It Begin With Me. I am Kathleen, and you can talk to me. Enlightening Hope Through Spirit